XMarks Adjustable Dumbbells

The XMarks Adjustable Dumbbells are a combination of multiple sets of dumbbells into one. They are meant for space maximizing with equipped storage trays. With The XMarks Adjustable Dumbbells there is no hassle over where they should be placed. The XMarks Adjustable Dumbbells renders conservative and thus letting you to adjust the poundage lifted and hence no need for another purchase of a set of dumbbells.

The XMarks Adjustable Dumbbells allow easy setting of one weight to another by adjusting the adjustment knob. The simplicity in usage and its excellent quality make The XMarks Adjustable Dumbbells a great and unique addition in your home gym.


Benefits of owning XMarks Adjustable Dumbbells

XMarks Adjustable DumbbellsDurability

The XMarks Adjustable Dumbbells is made out of metal (mostly the important parts). The handle is a solid plastic that is highly durable and the other plastic parts serve aesthetic features. Generally The XMarks Adjustable Dumbbells is durable and powerful. These sets of weights are likely to stand a test of time.


The XMarks Adjustable Dumbbells comes with its own cradle. Though the cradle is plastic it is more durable. The cradle is easy to adjust, the simplicity lies behind the quick turning of the handle and the sliding to and back of the weight you want.


The XMarks Adjustable Dumbbells is developed with 10lb adjustments, as you add more reps you are likely to go for 10lbs.

Limited space

The XMarks Adjustable Dumbbells are created for space saving. This set of weights can fulfill what three sets could be doing. If you are using traditional sets you are likely to consume more space.

Features of XMarks Adjustable Dumbbells

  • Eliminates Need for Multiple Dumbbells
  • Weight Adjusts from 10-50 lbs. by Moving the Adjustment Knob to the  desired weight
  • Heavy Duty Chrome Plated Steel
  • Included: Two 50 lb. Dumbbell &Two Storage Trays

Pros and cons of XMarks Adjustable Dumbbells


-          Take up less space

-          They are affordable

-          Weights can be changed in just 15 seconds


-          They are bulkier and large in size than the traditional ones. These dumbbells are in increments of 10lbs unlike other reviews.

-          It not easier to throw 10 weights down

-          Sometimes the weights may be stuck in the plastic holder.

-          Though XMarks Adjustable Dumbbells are great they are quite bulk compared to other sets. You need to position well your body to avoid being hit by wide weights.

XMarks Adjustable Dumbbells reviews (customer reviews)

In amazon.com out of 6 customer reviews, 5out of 6 ranked it a five star and 1 out of 6 ranked it a 3 star.

Let us now consider some recent customer reviews from amazon.com:
“Excellent Choice
I’ve been meaning to get a pair of these for several years now, but everywhere I’ve looked they’ve been well over $400”

“Once you follow the short description of how to use, this is an awesome set of weights. I can start and 50lbs until failure, and increment the weights in a superset until I can barely life the 10lbs. It is MUCH safer than the Bowflex.”

“I picked these up about a month ago and only wish I had bought them sooner.

This set is great for quick weight changes between workout moves. The system is stable and solid. I haven’t had any problems with it at all.

The write up for these show a 10lb change between settings. To elaborate, each plate is 5 lbs. and you can adjust each side individually so you can change by a factor of 5. Just be aware, if you do, the weight won’t be balanced.

I would definitely recommend these weights.”

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If you are looking after cheaper dumbbells then you should consider XMarks Adjustable Dumbbells. They weights are excellent and rest be assured XMarks Adjustable Dumbbells are worth the money.

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